5th letter to my future wife

Today, I have been thinking of you and I am writing to share some of those things that crossed my mind with you.

Sweet heart, I had appointment for 9 am this morning, I slept and work up 10 am. Before I got to the venue, appointment was cancelled. I am so disappointed! If only you were here, I know you would wake me up early and I would not miss it. It hurts baby.

I just watched a wedding video today and the couple were dancing very well. The crowd were clapping. The man was a good dancer and so was the lady. But dear future wife, I am not a good dancer. I accept that you will dance better than me on our wedding day, so I will not compete with you. But when we get to the bedroom, I am a very good dancer. I will dance better than you there. While you may dance better than me on our wedding day, I will dance better during our honeymoon. I hope you know that dance am talking about

Baby, I noticed that girls these days are too materialistic. They see love as money. It makes me sad and irritated at relationships. I hope you are not like that. I hope you are different. I hope you know what it means to stand with your man in good or bad?

Sweetie, I will be asking my mum to teach me how to wash women’s hair. So that when we are together you won’t need to go to the saloon. I will do it at home and kiss you as I as I progress with it. After it we can go have some good dance.

Darling, a lot of people say I will not be able to keep my words to love and cherish you when I finally find you, they say I will change but I know that is the biggest lie. This make me more determine to give my best. I hope you will give your best too so that we will put all of them to shame.

I wish I have your WhatsApp number so I can ask you What’s up every morning because my heart is always with you even though I have not met or known you yet. I wish I have your Facebook profile so I can see your Face every morning and smile knowing you are there. I wish I have your Instagram so I can connect with you every instant. If only I have your Twitter so that I can find some glitter when my heart is bitter

Dear future wife, can we talk about the dance again? I mean the other dance. Do you know the dance I mean? I cannot wait to dance that dance with you in the bath room. We will dance it while you are making breakfast. We can dance it when we are watching TV. DO you know we can even dance it in the garden too? Yes! We can baby. Do you know any other place we can dance?

I am having slight headache now. I need to rest now.

I wish you can write me … Will you? If you can please do.

Take care of yourself for me and remember… I love you more than anyone else.

I remain yours, the one who loves you the most

Mfon Abel Ekene​

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