Another letter to my future wife

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Dear future wife,

I am in the mood of writing you today even though I do not know who you are, or if you will read this. As someone with whom I will share my whole life with, I just want to say a few things to you right now and hoping that you read them. It is me Mfon​, again. I hope you don’t get tired of reading my letters.

Sweetie, I want to assure you 100% that you will not need to paint your face 2 hours every morning in front of the mirror for me to love and appreciate you. As a matter of fact, I will prefer you leave it the way it is because the real you is what I desire.

My Queen, you do not need to worry if you are fat or slim, as long as we connect that is the most important thing. Don’t let the thought of how you feel about your bring down your self-esteem. Just stay healthy my Queen for me and the children.

My world, life is not a beauty contest so do not be obsessed with how you look. Life is far more. There are so many things far more important than how you look.

Dearest, can you make me a promise? Please try and forget all the things from your past that makes you sad. Let’s look to the great future together. Let’s make the best of the rest of our time on earth! Let’s have a blast! We deserve to be happy!

My Baby, you see those people around you, I mean those people trying to make you hate yourself? Those people looking down on you? Just forget them, I am here. If they tell you, you are not beautiful, they are lying, if they look down on you, they are stupid. Forget what they say, and remember this, you are the best! And my number clique.

Ahahahhaha sweetie, please can you learn how to dance? I really don’t know how to. Maybe you can teach me? I will learn how to rap so I can teach you. Okay, we will form a music team every night, you sing, I rap… So will keep singing and rapping till we turn off the light and perform the other duty. While we perform it, we still sing and rap. It will be so interesting.

Before I go, I want you to learn some words from my native language. In Annang, “I” means “Ami”, “love” means “Ima”, “You “means “Afo”. “I love you” means “Ami uma fien”

Please don’t destroy your mouth trying to pronounce that, so that it will be in good position for me to kiss for 2 hours when we meet.
I have to do some work now. Please take care until some other time.

Will you write to me? I will be so happy to read.

Take care love

Your love,

Mfon Abel Ekene​

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Written by Mfon Abel Ekene


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