Do You Know You Are A Coward?

You told her you love her
She said she is not sure
You made her feel like a Queen
She falls heavily in love for you

You made her feel what she has never felt before
You made her feel like the only girl in the world
You flatter her with every word in the world
She goes to bed smiling and thinking of you

Then you invited her to your house
You made love to her over and over again
She asked for protection but you refused
You made her feel you will never turn your back on her

Then next month she missed her period
She went for test and she was pregnant
She called and told you about it
You ended the call as if you didn’t hear her

She came to your place to tell you about it
You reminded her of all the guys she has smiled with
You said the baby is not yours she should look for the father
You turned your back on her when she needed you the most

What happened to all your promises to her?
What if that child she is carrying is your own blood?
So you are not man enough to stand up for your blood and love?
Do you know you are a coward?

Written by Mfon Abel Ekene

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