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How many chances?

By Mfon Abel Ekene

African American Depressive Sad Broken Heart Concept

The weather is cloudy
I have been thinking all day
How many chances will I give to you
Before you stop hurting me?

Every time we walk together
You keep looking at the hips of every girl
and I bleed deep inside, is mine not good enough?
I forgave you and gave you another chance

It was not up to three weeks you befriend Janet
You call her always and never gave me attention
I complained, you said I should stop being jealous
I forgave and gave you another chance

When you started flirting with Mary I confronted you
You said she was your cousin from your Mother’s side
Until the day I saw you in bed together eating the forbidden fruit
I forgave you and gave you another chance

When you wanted to lay with me
I said “use protection,” you said no
I got pregnant, you denied
I aborted,  forgave you and gave you another chance.

You have treated me like your rag
Instead of your Queen
I die in silence
But I forgave and gave another chance

How long will I keep forgiving?
Is it until you drive me to suicide?
It seems the more I try
The more ruthless you become.

I have decided to love myself
If I can love myself you will never stand a chance
To kick me like a football
Or mess with my life ever again.

I deserve to be happy
I deserve to be loved
Don’t come looking for me
The chapter is closed

Good bye

(Written by  Mfon Abel Ekene)

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Written by Mfon Abel Ekene


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