I think I have lost you

Suddenly you don’t want my touch anymore
Suddenly you don’t wanna feel my breath close to you
Suddenly you don’t want my kisses anymore
Not even my hands to caress your face

You say those things are not right
You say you have found a new life style
You asked me what I think of it
I told you it is alright

But I think I have lost you
All these excuses and changes
Is your plan to push me away from you
You have figured these things out.

My love for you is unconditional
But I fear there is someone else
Or someone has been advising you
I fear someone is controlling you in our relationship

Who is advising you?
Who have you been listening to?
What did they tell you?
I think I have lost you to them

I am not going to make it hard for you
To push me away out of your life as you planned
I will make it easy because of just one thing
I want you to be happy always

While I was planning our holidays
You were plotting to push me out in rainy days
While I was listening to only you
You were listening to a lot of people

Advice is good
But not everyone means well
Every relationship cannot be the same
Ours cannot be like theirs, and theirs like ours

I hope we can still make this work
I hope we can go through every obstacle
With you is where I want to be forever
But if you push me away, I don’t know where I would fall

Written by Mfon Abel Ekene

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Written by Mfon Abel Ekene


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Carrie Dobson

Just keep being open you haven’t lost it


A great piece.. Thank you for sharing

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