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In life, you must learn to find your own happiness,
If you want to be happy, it is important you learn to stand alone.
Because at times, you will turn back and there is no one in sight,
There is no one to lean on,
There is no one to push you.

You must learn to motivate yourself,
Learn to stand alone,
Learn to love yourself,
Learn to crack joke and smile at your own joke,
Learn to enjoy your own company.
Be your own friend.

Sometimes you will call and the phone will ring but no one to answer it at the other end. You have to cut it and do it alone.
From when I was a child, I have learnt to cry alone.
I became a man even before I was ready.
When you learn to work and do things with yourself then you will be less disappointed.

You have all you need
It is all inside of you.
You can soar and achieve every dream.
It is time to stand for yourself!

Mfon Abel Ekene

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Written by Mfon Abel Ekene


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Mark Radcliffe
Mark Radcliffe

You can survive alone in this fucking World…. Most time you need an arm to lean on

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

Wonderful write up, but I sometimes wonders why there is so much hatred in the World today, even with the enough talk about love, freed and humanity

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