This is for the woman I will love…

Portrait of African American male and female couple next to half-painted wall.


My love, I wish you were here so that I can share this joke I have ‘formed in my head’ with you


I wish as I just returned home this evening. I opened the door and there you are waiting for me with a kiss.


I am so weak and tired to eat, I wish you can feed me like a baby.


Oh baby, if you were here we can use the bathroom together.


I wish I could be the one to comb your hair and help you dress up for bed.


My back hurts, I wish you can massage them before I go to sleep.


Sweet heart, I wish I can tell you what went down at where I went to.

It was so funny and you will like it.


Oh dear, I want to tell you about this girl I met, she acted as if she is everything but she is not worth half of you.


Maybe you can shave my other side and I shave your other side as we take our bath?


My Queen I wish I can tell you I love you before I go to sleep.


How I wish we can turn off the light and do the bed duty as we fall asleep.



I wish! I wish! I wish!


But here I am dying of loneliness…


Where are you? How long will you keep me single my Princess?


When will you come into my life.


I wish I can hear from you today… I wish I can read a letter from you tonight. I wish I can read a message form you tonight. I wish you can call me tonight


I will be here waiting for you.



I remain your lover to be…


Mfon Abel Ekene​

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