Baby, please wait let me tell you something
Please do not close the door
Please do not leave with those tear in your eyes
I understand how you feel right now

When I said I loved you, I meant it
I understand what you are going through right now
I want to go through it with you
I cannot let you go through this alone

Why will you keep those pains inside?
Why should you suffer alone for what we both did?
Why should people judge you and leave me out?
I am with you and we will go through it together

Even if the world disappears, I will stand with you
Even if the sky disappears, I will be your cover
Even if the ground disappears, I will be your floor
You are my Queen in Bad times and in Good times

Do not worry we will smile again
Let them say what they want to say about us
No one can stop us as long as we don’t let them
Come into my arms let me clean those tears.

Let me go into the kitchen and make us some food
So we can eat and be strong
Tonight we will laugh and forget our pains
Tomorrow we will wake up and fight for our future

When everything fails love will hold us strong
Your smile is what inspires me so much
Now please smile for me so I can feel like a man
With you my world is complete

Written by Mfon Abel Ekene

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