Where are you going?

You have just one life to live right now
And that is the one you are living now
What you do with this life matters a lot
Because if you spoil it, you cannot exchange it

A lot of people are going to tell you what to do with it
So many people will tell you what you should do and not do
Everyone will have an opinion of what direction your life should go
But when your back is against the wall, most of them will be gone

I remember people telling me “Mfon, go this way”
But when I go that way, they said “You should have gone the other way”
That has taught me a very big lesson
No one can help you as you can help yourself.

So many people will try to use you pretending they like you
Even friends and family will be there as long as it favours them
They don’t really care about you but what they will get from you
At the end of the day you may be surprise you are all alone

There are those who are waiting for you to make a move
So that they can steal your glory
Even this post a lot will copy and paste it, claiming they wrote it
That is how life is, not everyone is sincere

Never try to be like anyone else or take glory for what is not yours
Because you do not know what they did go get there
Never pretend to be what you are not
Because you have no idea of the opportunities that will pass you by

You have a lot of potentials and abilities inside you
The worst thing you can do is not to make use of them
Because you are afraid of what others will say
At the end of the day you will regret never making good use of them

A farmer does not take farm tools to the farm to bring them back home clean
He takes them so that he can put them to work and bring them back home dirty
You should not come to this life with all your talents, potentials and abilities
Then when you leave, you return with them “clean and unused”

You have to sit and figure out where you want to go in life
Don’t go the way someone wants you to go
Go the way you should go
Because everyone has their own path

Don’t lose your happiness while you walk the path you choose
Don’t lose yourself while you walk the path you choose
In whatever you do make sure reach out a hand to other
Because everyone needs someone

Can I ask you a question, you who are reading this?
Where are going right now?
What are you doing with the abilities you have?
I wish you all the best my friend.

Written by Mfon Abel Ekene

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Black Joe
Black Joe

Wow.. Lovely article

Gloria Adams
Gloria Adams

You are on point

Lauretta Bassey
Lauretta Bassey

Thank you for this useful piece

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