5 Ways You’re Wasting Your Time

it’s time to get your sh*t together and realize where you’re wasting your time. It’s time to mix things and start achieving a cleaner, better life! But you can only do this by stop wasting time and cutting out these five things that are probably really holding you back:

1. Gossiping…

It’s something you can get easily caught up with when you’re younger. And although us girls may love to know the juicy details of other people’s lives we must remember that gossip is gossip. You hate it when someone is gossiping about you so why do the same thing? This is all stopped for me when I realized how important it was to uplift and inspire other women rather than see them as competition. It’s something we can all be guilty of at times. But it’s a waste of time and it only produces negative energy. Keep it positive and empower instead!

2. Planning but not acting…

I was always a dreamer, I had so many plans. I wanted to be this and I was going to do that. But if there’s one thing about growing up is realizing it’s not as easy as just getting it. When you’re younger it just seems easy and entering the next stage demotivates you enough to stop trying. I’ve been there. But I promised myself that I will live up to the promises I make myself. I schedule things to make sure they get done, and I also include another person always, so I’m not just letting myself down, I’m letting someone else down.  You don’t want to have ten years pass by and wish you had the courage to do something back then. Do it now! What are you waiting for?

3. Comparing yourself to others….

I’m major guilty of this. Other people do it enough for us with sentences like ‘you should be more like her.’ It never makes you feel great, and out of habit, you begin to do it yourself. There’s nothing wrong with admiring another woman because she’s successful and smashing it, but comparing yourself to her will not help you become her. You’re already separating how you’re different rather than how you are the same. Don’t worry about other people, worry about yourself and do what you can to smash it too!

4. Waiting for others….

I’ve always been quite stubborn with this. I’ve never waited for anyone and I never will. It’s a funny quote that’s stuck with me since I was a child ‘A train pulls into the station, it’s not waiting for you and either am I’ and as corny and silly as it is, I know it’s true. There’s no point in wasting your time on people who can’t get their sh*t together for you. They’re people best off left out of your life, to begin with. Because honestly girls, if they wanted to be there, they would have been. Move on to better things, please.

5. Feeling sorry for yourself…

If there’s one thing adulthood has taught me, it’s that no one is going to pull you out of a hole. The only way out is if you climb out. You and only you can do that. Feeling sorry for yourself will take up so much time and reproduce negative energy. Trust me, I know how hard it gets, and I’d love nothing more than to wallow in my misery but I know that will only cause more misery. I have to get up and go because life will pass me by otherwise and it will pass you by too. Do it for yourself, don’t waste any more time!

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