5 Workout Motivation Tips

The fact remains that you can never achieve anything in terms of a workout if you do not have the motivation. In fact, everything that pans out successful happens because the people involved are motivated. When you lose it, you lose everything.

The stress involved, the time it takes, and the patience required for anybody to achieve results during workouts can be frustrating. But when you have factors that motivate you to keep moving, you can actually hit your target. Below are some of the tips that will help you stay motivated during workouts.

  • Set a realizable goal

Nothing will motivate you more than knowing that if you get this right, you will achieve that result. Set a number of pounds you want to lose or the result you want to see on your body after the first week, the first month or thereabouts. Reaching the goal will be a huge motivation for you, and when you achieve that, it will propel you to greater heights.

However, you have to achieve this by breaking it down into milestones or small steps towards the ultimate goals. You may decide that you want a particular cloth to fit you after certain sections of the workout. Use things that will excite you.

  • Reward yourself

Make sure you give yourself compensation in form of a reward whenever you achieve such goals. Yes, you own everything about you. But when you decide to give yourself some treats because you did something you think is worthwhile, it makes you happy and motivated to achieve more.

The rewards you give yourself will serve as clues that will trigger the desired motivation to achieve more. The human brain has a way of focusing on the extrinsic reward and telling itself that the behavior that achieved that reward is indeed great.

  • Dress up properly

The fact remains that looking good has been, and will always be good business. The confidence, the comfort, and the relaxation we feel whenever we are wearing something we like are unequaled. That is why it is always good to dress properly for what you are doing. Yes, the concept of looking the part is still very relevant here.

Those workout dresses that look good on you will make you work hard. Sometimes, you want to play what you look like, and some other times, you want to justify and appeal to what you are wearing.  Those leggings will make you put in more.

  • Change your workout routine

Nothing gets people motivated and refreshed like trying new things. That is actually in the fabric of humans. People will always need variety to stay motivated in everything they do because repeating the same thing all the time makes life very boring. This is hugely applicable in the workout world. Now, think about a trail run done every Saturday morning on the same route, and think about one that involves another route every other Saturday.

Some people will always be there because they want to experience a new route every other Saturday to know what it looks like. So, you can stay indoors for some time and go outside for sometime. You can use good music after some period of working out in silence or change the type of music you use. You can also change the routine from time to time. Sitreps today, aerobics tomorrow, abdominals the next day, and so on.

  • Get other people involved

One of the greatest motivation tips during the workout is getting a second person involved. There are two ways to do this. You can search for someone that shares your dream and who is also interested. Your schedule routines with the person or a group of people. You may even take it to the level of offering subtle rewards to people that perform well. You can join a workout community in your area too.

Apart from this, you can also get a friend involved, who will be the person to push you. Get your friend or spouse to push you through reminders and rewards when you do well, and see yourself doing great in the bid to impress them.

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Written by Rebecca


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Yes, getting someone involved actually help….thats exactly what I did some few months again to maintain a good workout plan

Xi Wang

Exercise is part of our cuture in China.. I have. Yoga class here in the USA with good turn out…one thing about exercise is that it’s not expensive but it’s so effective to help you against some basic sickness.. thank you so much

Carrie Dobson

I will be at your town this weekend, I might stop by at your yoga class if you don’t mind…last month was wonderful…thank you so much..my grand daughter really love it

Carrie Dobson

Thank you @rebeccav wonderful tips

El Pipe

@rebeccav Do you really do this yourself???????


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