Basic Facts About Australian English Every International Student Should Know

About 75% of students find assignment writing in Sydney difficult because they are not familiar with Australian English. Australian English is the official language of Australia. It deviated from British English during the 18th century after the Colony of New South Wales was found. International students often end up losing valuable marks because of poor English. Thus, here is a brief overview of the grammatical features and vocabulary of Australian English.

Grammatical Features of Australian English

Australian English consists of features from both American and British English. So, many people may consider it to be a combination of two variations.

  • For example, the ‘u’ is retained in words such as ‘colour’ just like in British English. The ‘ise’ ending is often used instead of Americanised ‘ize’ suffice on certain words such as realize.
  • You will also find a resemblance of American English in Australian English. For instance, consider the word ‘inquire.’ Australians tend to use this spelling instead of the British spelling ‘enquire.’
  • The word ‘program’ is also used in Australian English rather than the spelling ‘programme.’ You may need some time to get the hang of these spellings initially. So, you can opt for online assignment writing service in Sydney to meet your deadlines easily.
  • Australian English has more common with the American version of the language when it comes to using collective nouns. For instance, both Australians and Americans say ‘The soccer team has scored a goal.’ In British English, however, it is said ‘The soccer team have scored a goal.’

Keep these basic grammatical rules in mind while writing your assignment. From humanities to engineering, your English has to be perfect for all courses in Australia. So, do not hesitate to get electronics engineering assignment help to learn how to write this paper in proper Australian English.


Australian English shares words and phrases with American and British English in everyday vocabulary as well. But, Australians have some terminology of their own as well.

  • For example, ‘outback’ describes a remote location in Australian English. Similarly, ‘barbie’ is used instead of the noun ‘barbeque.’
  • Australians use the word ‘doona’ instead of the word ‘duvet.’ This is also an example of Australian-only expression.
  • The cover on the front of a car is known as ‘bonnet’ in Australia rather than a ‘hood.’ Australians also prefer ‘holidays’ rather than ‘vacations.’
  • Australians use the word ‘aluminium’ instead of ‘aluminum’ and ‘mobile phones’ instead of ‘cell phones.’ Keep this in mind whenever you have to write down the name of elements in your chemistry assignment.

Vocabulary is very important if you want to complete your studies or pursue a career in Australia. Read a lot of books, magazines and newspapers to get a strong grip on the vocabulary of Australian English. Once you get the hang of Australian conventions, fetching higher grades in your assignments will be 10X easier.


Are you struggling to get the hang of Australian English while writing your assignments? Give this article a read and get familiar with all the basic facts regarding the conventions of Australian English.

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Emily Moore is a career advisor at a reputed firm in Australia. She also offers assignment writing help in Sydney at Samantha loves to spend time with her daughters whenever she is free.

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