Inspiration is everywhere! Here’s how I found out.

Recently, I was reading in a magazine, an interview with a broadcaster and she, (the interviewed) said that she knew by the time she was six that she was going to be a broadcaster, and was also quite frank in saying that she didn’t know what had inspired her at that age and that seriously got me thinking so I asked myself ” Who inspires you?”

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary gives the meaning of inspiration to mean, ‘A person or thing that causes one’s mind, creative abilities, interests, etc to be stimulated.’

A few minutes later, I got my answer. Aha!  I am inspired by anyone; man, woman, boy or girl that is making worthwhile efforts to make a honest living and better their lives.

Yes! My inspiration comes from the couple selling fruits at the bustop just before my home from which they are able to raise their children and also fund their education. I am also inspired by the few public officers who refuse to be bitten by the swarming ‘bribery and corruption’ bugs. Everyone staying true to who their God – given purpose and fulfilling it despite the pressure to conform, thereby losing their voice in the process is an inspiration to me.

A little difference goes a mighty long way. Someone somewhere is watching and the way we choose to live our lives can give hope and encouragement to others.

Kudos to every single parent, raising their children with discipline and love and the strength of God, never giving up.

To you whoever you are, who is not sitting on the lazy chair, waiting for gold to fall on your lap; you definitely give me a push. To the hairdresser, firefighter, banker, writer ,marketer, teacher….who does not cut corners just because everybody is doing it is also definitely an inspiration. I could go on and on..

Every experience in truth, courage, determination and excellence can never go unnoticed. These people through their efforts and stories are telling me that I don’t have any excuse for failure.

Success stories come don’t spring up overnight and everyday, I am motivated to go out there and make success happen. Everyday is a page waiting for the courageous one to write history.

Written by

Oris Morolani @OrisMorolani

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Written by Oris Morolani


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Thank you for reminding us… We have to find our muse and inspire the World

Elna Brad

Wow! Wonderful way to put it, we have to keep our head up and keep inspiring our World

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