How to invest in real estate without buying any property

According to our research and experience over the years investing in real estate without proper guidance and knowledge will only results in heartbreaks.

We have discover that they are many misconception about real estate, while most people are actually enjoying the benefits of real estate investment  others are struggling to get back their initial investment from real estate.

Our job here is simply; to show you how to invest in real estate without buying any properties and the things you need to consider before you invest in real estate.

If you what to invest in real estate without buying any property, there are many opportunities, but we are going to focus on one, hopefully we will discuss others with time.

One of the many ideas we promote is Property fund.

Property fund involves investing in a publicly listed real estate company. Property funds gives an individual the opportunity to invest in a range of properties through purchase of stock or a mutual agreement by a real estate company.

What property fund does  is that the headache whether the rent is paid or not is not yours, you’ve completely avoided that and leverage yourself on the returns that will come to you when due. Everything is handle by the real estate firm, your only job is to cash your return on investment when due.

These are the things you should consider before venturing into the real estate business.

1. Understand the process of legwork. 

Part of what legwork does is research; we advice people who are venturing into real estate business for the first time to study, research and connect with established real estate investors or company to find out what works and also study the trends. The information you get online is good but it may not be enough depending on your location and budget.

2. Have the determination. 

It’s really not easy as it seems so you need to be ready to follow up your investment plan and progress with time. You have to be determined to succeed and be patient enough to shoulder the strength, risk and the success story you may find as you climb each step in your investment process.

3. Invest wisely. 

It’s not about the money, its about the beauty and the prospect of each investment. Don’t just jump into to invest in any real estate business without understanding how it’s work, that is why you need a trusted hand  or a firm who can at least analyse the process and gives you feedback to go ahead or not. Don’t trust the process, if you don’t understand it, make sure you know at least a little before you invest.

4. Start with a moderate investment. 

You don’t need millions to start investing in real estate, you just need to be determine and keep your ears open for information. There is a space for everyone in the real estate business. Seek partnership ,become an agent, connect a client to a real estate firm, etc little kindness can open doors for greater things. Start moderately, monitor and assess the return on investment and invest more, don’t just dump your money into one investment net.


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Written by Kemfon Decade

Real Estate Construction| Real Estate Sales| |Curator GSCUyo |Africa Rising|


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Arter S A
Arter S A

I have not really consider real estate business but I will take this seriously

Abel Udoekene Jnr

Thank you for this wonderful write up, understanding Legwork is a great to start

Alexander Citrus
Alexander Citrus

I’ve actually trued property funds sometimes in 2008, it was good at first, but I don’t know what happened after 3 years

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