Life is a game, this is how to win

It doesn’t matter what they may have told you, all that matter is that you are here now and you are willing and ready to understand how to win in this game called life.

Before we begin, make sure you equip yourself with a pen, a notebook and perhaps a cup of coffee then sit back, relax and enjoy the flows.

Take out your pen and write the following on different pages; hobbies, goals, and strategy. Start writing your hobbies, then your goals, then a plan of action that will help you achieve each goal (this plan is your strategy). Go over to the next page, and write down your skills, then try to correlate each skill set with your hobbies to see if you will be able to define a pattern for your life’s purpose.

Let’s pause here for now and reflect a little.

Life is a game and to win you need a good strategy. As in the game of football, the manager (which is you), select a set of players (strategy) to play a game (life) with the aim of winning it (goals), if he is losing, he will engage another strategy, either to remove a player, change formation or if he was playing defensive he may switch to attack. Sometimes some players get injured and are substituted, some players may not even play well but they are allowed to stay in the game, some may be playing so well and are removed in order to avoid injury. All these processes are part of a strategy engaged by the manager to ensure good performance from his team.

To succeed in this game called life, you need a good game plan, relying on other people’s strategy is not a good game plan, your life is different from others so your plan must be different.

Go back to your notebook

Underline and evaluate each strategy.

Develop a step by step procedure for each strategy?

Important questions to consider include: how will I achieve this? Is there any better way to go about it? What do I need to make it easier? Education, money or relationship? The answers you provide will refine your strategy and gives you a good chance to play the game of life with confidence.

I will end it here for now, but if you need to talk to someone, just send hello and we will take it from there.

Always remember your strategy and skill set is very vital if you want to win in this game called life.

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