A Little Love Can Make the Difference

By Morgan Sylvester

There is a saying that a candle losses nothing in lighting other candles up. Yes!! I believe totally.
Many times I have sat down and pondered how man got here… a state of selfishness. Man has gotten to a state that if there are no benefits in cash or kind, then help is not rendered. Yes I know people forget good deeds, but that shouldn’t be enough reason to be selfish. Some people feel that by helping others, they may become better or bigger than them, that’s not true. We are not here to compete, we are all unique in our different ways.
Friends, No good deed is ever lost. The reward is always here and sometimes we don’t even know.
When I talk of helping each other, it goes beyond just financial help. When last did you share that knowledge? When last did you make someone smile? When last did you surprise someone for good? The little matters…sometimes all needed is just a call or a message or some morale support.
I agree totally with the words of Ronald Reagan when he opined that  “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. If we all are of help to someone, collectively we would have contributed our quota In making the world a better place.

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Abel Udoekene Jnr

It’s true, we can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone


Well, the train is mostly at the opposite, most people have reservations on helping others and I use to wonder, where is the love?

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

It’s so sad when you see what is going on in our World today, we are seriously out of touch for love. Can you imagine the bombings.. Thank you for this

That Ghanaian Girl

There is so much a little love can do for us, if only we understand it.. Most time, we forget that love is what binds us… I’ve been in situations where I’ve been hurt by people repeatedly because I’m a woman but I’ve never given up on love…. Love is the force, Love is the energy, Love is the air that breath our strength as humans

Elna Brad

I believe so much in love… And I will enjoy the concert today by Black Eyed Pea @trendfunny I hope you are coming?

Funny Tom

Sure Elna, we should be around… I’ve send you a private message…


So Elna you didn’t invite me

Funny Tom

Thank you for sharing, Love not hate, we can make the difference


Sometimes, I cry, our World lack love

David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez

Thank you for your write up, I think I don’t agree with you completely, I believe we get the love we deserve. The society don’t owe us anything, neither do we owe the society any apology OK how we live.. It’s better you just live your life without expecting any love from anyone.. I’ve been there, I’m on my 3rd marriage now, Love is a strange thing, you have to love yourself… Nobody will love you more than you.

Margaret Zhang

Helping someone is helping yourself, a little love can actually make a good difference in our World

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