So many great inventions today were birth out from dreams (vision), but before it transended into reality, alot went into place, one of it is BELIEVE which i will be emphazing on today. The man who say’s I can and the one who say’s I can’t  are both right, it all depend on their believe.  So many today have great ideas that can change the world but they believe their ideas can’t work, and it ends up not working. What ever you believe be it negative or possitive you are either blocking a channel or openning one.  Your believe makes you or breaks you, it affects the way you see things, its affect the way you think. For you to achieve  anything you have to think possitively, and that starts with believing in yourself. Possitive believers see solutions even when the problem has overshadowed the solution.

whatever you believe you can do no matter the circumstances it will be done.  Believe all starts with the mindset.  Your mindset is the engine room of your life. People who became great today had the right mindset and believed in themself. Last year 2016 a man wanted to buy a phone and he was advised to go to SLOT then he made a statement, he said “I can’t buy from slot it is meant for the rich”,  automatically he his saying he his poor, why? because he believes SLOT is for the rich. The only limit you have in life is your mind, if you want to be a billionair think, walk and behave like a billionaire. Before you can get anything done you have to believe in your self or in that which you want to do.

Are you a believer?, do you think and speak positively? NOTE: your believe affects your words and your words affects your life. I encourage us to always believe in our self no matter the circumstance.Like, share, follow on instagram and facebook #Enemchukwuisrael

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Written by Enemchukwuisrael


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Abel Udoekene Jnr

“whatever you believe you can do no matter the circumstances it will be done. Believe all starts with the mindset. Your mindset is the engine room of your life” so true


great…keep inspiring your World

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