No one and nothing will stop you

Many has lost opportunity because of the fear of failure, low self esteem, doubt and rejection.  many that became successful did so because they where determined to run the race no matter the cost.

I was privilege to speak with a great motivational speaker yesterday, before i got to see him, he was guided by protocols. The only way to meet him was to get his book which he signed an autograph on. i sat down there thinking, what can i do? i can’t leave here empty. Immediately, God focused my eyes on a woman who had two of his books, with courage i walked up to her and told her my mission. She granted me my wish by giving me a book which i returned to her. In a nutshell i met with the great motivational speaker, we talked and i left fulfilled….

What are you afraid of?, are you full of doubt? have you limited yourself in the past? are you willing to change your mindset? Fear is a mindset which has to be eradicated in order to move forward. No matter  the tasks and challenges you need to always believe in yourself. Nothing can stop you, only if you stop yourself. As a man thinketh so he his, think big, dont limit your self,  see every stone as a stepping stone to success. No matter the battle you will come out victorious.

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Written by Enemchukwuisrael


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Arter S A
Arter S A

This is a wonderful write up…

Black Joe
Black Joe

It’s only you that can stop yourself

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