How to Maintain a Healthy and Nutritious Diet in Your Busy Life

Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet has become easier now as you are working from home and working out at home. Working from home has given us ample amount of time to reconsider our diet. With our fast paced life, somewhere or the other  we have all wanted to change our diet plan but couldn’t. Perhaps now is the perfect time to create a new diet as we are letting go off all the online food ordering services. Let’s dive right in and check what we think should be in your perfect diet plan. 

We have listed below some of the best diet options that will be both healthy and nutritious : 

We all have read that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast will help you face your day head on. Eating a good meal in the morning will help you from overeating throughout the day. Breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar is one of the most justified statements keeping in mind our hectic schedules and busy life. Protein rich food items like egg white, quinoa bowl etc make for a perfect breakfast.

  • Eat Green Leafy Vegetables

Include green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, beans, lettuce for an iron rich diet. Iron is one of the most important nutrients specially required for ageing women. All you need to do is grill some freshly chopped vegetables which are properly washed and enjoy it with a loaf of wheat bread. Avoid consuming white bread as it is made up of refined flour (maida) which is dangerous for your body.

  • Include Nuts & Seeds

In order to avoid unnecessary cravings and hunger pangs, always keep a bowl of dried seeds and nuts handy. It provides your body with essential nutrients and fuels you up throughout your day. Try chia seeds with peanut butter or pumpkin seeds with walnuts.

  • Cereal Bowl

A good cereal bowl serves as a rich portion of your meal. Take fat free skimmed milk(1cup) add to it a tablespoon of jaggery or honey, seeds and nuts, fruits(your favourite ones), muesli or any cereal and have a wholesome goodness of all things healthy in a bowl.

  • Include Supplements

If you are working out for long hours, include supplements like whey protein powder. You can try out MuscleBlaze whey protein for a perfectly chiselled physique and muscle gains. Research and look out for the best whey protein price in india from a certified supplement store and rest assured that you are consuming the right supplements in your fitness routine. Depending on the kind of fitness training you are into, buy the supplements that suit it. Talk to your trainer about the right exercise, diet and workout plan before you start.

These are some healthy and nutritious diet options that can help you maintain a good and routined lifestyle. It is not necessary to be a fitness enthusiast to be following a proper diet and routine, if you are a mere active individual.

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Herbal Goodness
5 months ago

This is a really great article! Thank you for sharing.

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