These four steps will you get everything you want in life

By Elizabeth Smith

t’s all well and good saving and planning for your future, but putting it into effect is another thing. And it’s that second stage that we all have problems with. Getting the future you want won’t start off easy that’s for sure. But we believe in you! And we bet you already know what kind of future you want. So are you ready? Create your own future and make it happen today with these four steps:

1. Focus on the now

The one thing that will limit you in your bid for success is being stuck in the past. This won’t help you create your own future. We’ve all had experiences that keep us from wanting to charge forward, fear kicks in and we continue playing it safe. But that doesn’t make you happy either. Let go of the past. That was then and this is now. Your past doesn’t define you, it’s only hardened you. So stop making excuses and instead recenter yourself. Be a woman reborn – the woman on a mission who isn’t going to let anyone stop her!

2. Plan ahead

The one thing that keeps me on track is planning ahead and scheduling things. It’s not just goals, it’s the things that have to happen by a certain point in time. You have to treat yourself and your goals like a business, if you don’t do the work then your business is going to fail. Be realistic with your plans and goals, and break that goal into small steps so you can celebrate every step you get through. It will show you that you’ve already come this far and will disable you from giving up too quickly!

3. Invest

No one was born knowing how to invest in themselves and their success. I had no money and no tools to do this. I was stuck and tired of being stuck. So I decided to take a risk. I bought the necessary tools needed to help get my life together but also the right tools to make me a success. Not all investments pay off, but investing in my future will! To be honest (and I’m not just saying this) one book inspired me massively when it came to creating the future I want. I bought the Ultimate Blog Plan, and everything changed, I’m now writing blog posts for a living!

4. Make the time

The future will come to you, yes, but it won’t be the version you were hoping for if you don’t put in the effort. Just because I was once stuck in a job that I hated to pay the bills didn’t mean that I didn’t put in research and work on myself behind the scenes. Of course, I was tired and feeling unmotivated but I had to inspire myself because I wanted my future to be better and the only way I could do that was by working for it, even if I was working in a totally different career. So I made the time even when there wasn’t any. There are no excuses for you!

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