Realize the power and magic of writings, what is your best lines?

Make it feel like Art,
Gaze through the episodes of
A.Scott Fitzgerald,
and understand the history
From The Garden of Eden
Here is a letter from My V
I gave it all to you

I read “This Side of Paradise”
I understand “the Great Gatsby”
“Tender is the Night” wasn’t my best friend,
but I quickly followed ” The last tycoon”

I stared at St. Paul, Minnesota,
a place of good fortune and misfortune to Fitzgerald
there, his journey began,
He became a prince at Princeton,
An instant celerity at your reading desk
And a delight of many generations.

That’s A.Scott Fitzgerald In few lines,
What’s your favorite line?
Whose your favorite author?
What’s your father’s third name?
Do you understand my style?
Please comment below?

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Written by Adrian Scott


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