Sir Richard Branson Will Give $3 Million to Whoever Can Save the Planet By Reinventing the Air Conditioner

Inventors from around the world now have three million reasons to reinvent one of the most basic household appliances: the air conditioner.

When people start to earn more money, reports show that one of the most common first purchases they make is an air conditioning unit. With global temperatures slowly rising and more people earning higher incomes, the amount of utilized AC units could multiply to a whopping 4.5 billion units by 2050, generating thousands of tons of carbon emissions as a byproduct.

That is why Sir Richard Branson recently helped to launch an international competition that is searching for participants who can come up with a more sustainable design for the air conditioner.

As a means of combatting climate change, the Global Cooling Prize is offering a $3 million prize for anyone who can design an AC unit that has five times less of the environmental impact as the standard unit, but for less than two times the shelf price.

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Written by Xi Wang


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