A thank you note to everyone who helps and expect nothing in return

By Abel Udoekene

I am inspire by people who still believe in humanity despite the cruelty and the corruption in our World today.
I am inspire by the stranger who offer me a handshake, a hug, a smile when it’s seem the whole World was against me.
I am inspire by those who find happiness in helping others achieve their dreams, despite the competition and the class divide we have ignorantly created among ourselves.

I am inspire when I hear great stories of kindness, it’s helps strengthen my hope of a better tomorrow.
I am inspire by people who encourage and motivate others to do good.
I am inspire anytime I see a genuine smile, it helps brighten my desire to achieve greatness.
I am inspire by those who love, appreciate and care for others, the thought of people like you makes life interesting and beautiful.

I have compiled many letters of gratitude to people who motivate me, motivates others and brighten our World with their kindness, but let me just sum it up here in this thank you Note.

To you, who love to help others achieve their dreams,
Your kindness has created so many success stories,
Thank you for being human.
To you, who believes the World will be better with a little kindness,
Your kindness has brighten the path of many who would have been no where without your help, thank you so much.
To you, who appreciate the works of others, your support has raised champions, build dreams and help keep our World safe, thank you for making people’s dreams a reality .
To you, who sit and think about the welfare of others, you are the light of the World, the salt of the earth that we seek, thank you for giving the World a good taste.
To everyone who has help a stranger, the World will be a better place if we have more of you.. Thank you so much

Thank you for being the light in a very dark world,.
Thank you for being the love in a World filled with hatred,
Thank you for being the Smile that drys away streams of tears,
Thank you for being the vehicle that motivate people to achieve greatness.
Thank you for believing in the beauty of our humanity.
You are the vibes that will inspire a greater tomorrow

Stay blessed

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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Thank you for your kindness too.. You are wonderful

Funny Tom

Wonderful, kindness is good

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