The Pros And Cons Of Falling In Love With Him, Based On His Personality Type

By Shavella St.Preux

His personality type will tell you everything you need to know.

Personality types play a role in who we interact with, especially in our personal lives. Falling in love is one of the things that people do unintentionally and blindly. It’s often only after we fall in love do some people tend to see the bad personality traits in their significant others and it’s harder to decide whether or not to stay in the relationship.

Having an overall view of each Myers Briggs personality type and what it would be like falling in love with them gives you a general idea of what you might get yourself into with your guy.

The 16 personality types were created by Isabel Briggs Myers and Catherine Cook Briggs and built on the early work of Carl Jung.


Pros: The best part about falling in love with ISTJ guys is their loyalty. You won’t ever have to worry about them leaving you because they will always be beside you. They are also known to be serious and truly committed to their relationships.

Cons: Although they might make excellent partners, if your guy is an ISTJ then you should be concerned about his one-track mind. He is a traditional person so he’ll be following the rules as they are, which can make the relationship stuffy and dull. Their introvert approach can also make you think that they are being cold and distant to you when they might just want to keep to themselves.


Pros: An INFJ man is ruled by his heart so he will have no problem putting you before everything else. He will also put a large emphasis on your future together so you’ll never wonder where you stand with him.

Cons: Falling in love with an INFJ can be a journey due to their stubbornness. If your guy is an INFJ be wary of his temper because this personality type gets angry when someone questions their beliefs and principles. He’ll have absolutely no hesitation when it comes to arguing or debating with you.


Pros: Falling in love with an INTJ personality type is great when you’re in a long-distance relationship. This personality type is great at being alone so the distance might not affect them as much as you think. Alone time is their fuel.

Cons: INTJs have a bad habit of being detached from others. They can give you the cold shoulder without meaning to. Dating and falling for this personality type can become boring. They love to stick to a checklist and pre-planned ideas, leaving little to no room in your relationship for experiencing an adventure.


Pros: Falling for a guy that’s an ENFJ will be an amazing experience. Not only will he be connected to you but he will is a great communicator so you will have the perfect partner to get through hardship with. If he does something wrong he will reflect and apologize. ENFJs are always looking to make sure all problems are dealt with.

Cons: This personality type spends way too much time reflecting on what they did wrong instead of focusing on what they could do better. Another issue is that if they spend too much time alone then they will become depressed. Your relationship can become suffocating overtime.


Pros: If you fall in love with a guy with an ISTP personality type then your relationship is bound to have moments of spontaneity. A dull moment is so far from your relationship. He will make sure that you guys are having new experiences.

Cons: Falling for an ISTP can be troublesome. They only understand things from a logical point of view. Feelings aren’t something they care to comprehend so if you’re in a disagreement, there’s just no way they can understand what you’re saying. They are mysterious by nature. This might lead you to suspect that something is going on behind your back. If your guy is an ISTP he won’t be thinking about your future together. He’s only focused on the present so getting him to think about the future isn’t going to happen.


Pros: ESFJs are big on feelings. They make decisions based on the heart so their feelings for you will always come first. If you’ve fallen for an ESFJ then don’t fret about introducing them to your family. This personality type is renown for being popular and well-liked. Your family will love him just as much as you do.

Cons: Your guy will love to be the center of attention so they might have a problem when something isn’t about him. ESFJs are social butterflies and place an emphasis on being in the public eye, creating room for problems in the relationship.


Pros: Falling in love with an INFP will be a blissful experience because he will be a great listener. This personality type is considerate, thoughtful, and, good listeners. They will enjoy being in your presence and are compassionate people by nature.

Cons: If you fell for this personality type then be prepared for the controlling ways. They also avoid conflict so dealing with the issues that arise in the relationship will be a challenging experience.


Pros: The best part about falling for this personality type is that they will truly care about you and your well-being. You won’t ever have to ask yourself “does he care about me?” because he will do a great job of showing you how he feels all the time.

Cons: They enjoy being the center of attention so you might feel left out when the two of you go places. He will be so fixated on catching everyone’s eye and being the life of the party that you’ll feel neglected.


Pros: ENFPs are all about living life to the fullest. They despise going through a day to day routine. If you’ve fallen for this personality type then no need to worry. They will make sure you have as much fun as you possibly can in your relationship, never leaving you will a dull moment.

Cons: they aren’t fond of being directed by others. If they happen to do something in the relationship that you don’t like, well chances are that you two might end up bickering. They aren’t about changing their ways to please others. They only go about life on their own flow and pace.

10. ESTP

Pros: If you’ve fallen for an ESTP then understand that your guy is a risk taker through and through. One of the best parts about falling for this personality type is that they are excellent listeners, so if you’ve had a long day and you just want someone to vent to your boyfriend will always listen.

Cons: They like to see immediate results so this means that they have little to no patience for anything. Nothing happens overnight but this personality trait seems to think so.

11. ESTJ

Pros: This personality type is loyal. Falling in love with an ESTJ will be a tender experience. They will always look out for your best interest. They can deal with the ups and downs of a relationship. They aren’t afraid of the obstacles that come along the way.

Cons: They tend to be more concerned with logic than emotions, so them seeing your point of view can be truly difficult. ESTJs tend to plan ahead of time and love organization, which can make the relationship dull.

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