These 3 Quotes By Richard Branson Inspires Me Everyday

I’m naturally a shy person, but I love being with people, helping people and contributing the little I can to the growth of the society. I love Richard Branson so much, my number one duty day after day is to follow his progress at Virgin and I’m deeply inspired by his leadership skills.

These three Quotes of his courtesy of Radio times has shaped my life and and make me look up to tomorrow with hope.

Quote 1
“I really don’t spend too much time in front of the box and if I ever watch TV during downtime, I prefer wildlife documentaries by David Attenborough or programmes about space by Brian Cox.”

Quote 2

“I love anything that encourages people to follow their dreams.”

Quote 3
“I owe my success to continuously challenging myself and seeking adventure. Growth happens when you put yourself outside your comfort zone. I wouldn’t have an island to chill out on if I never pushed the boundaries.

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Written by Nditoeka

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