Who Is My Girl Best Friend?

Friendship is a subtle bonding of mutual and unconditional affection between two persons. It provides companionship, affectation along with emotional support. It does not only contribute positively to mental wellbeing but also helps to improve physical health.

A lot of benefits to having a girl best friend. My girl best friend are among the most magical and powerful words in a person’s life. She is not only an example of perfect companionship and affectation but also a complete guide to the female mind. Here I am trying to give specific reasons why a girl best friend is a necessity in one’s life.

A girl best friend is a heavenly intervention in a person’s life


You can tell her everything without any fear of being judged. If you are already blessed with a girl best friend, you better are known to share every single and delicate thing with her. Sometimes, male friends are too hard to understand some subtle and fragile emotional feelings. On the other hand, your deep secrets cannot always be shared with your girlfriend. Here comes the importance of your girl best friend.

After a certain period, you get slowly board with the same and monotonous topic boys generally discuss. Girl best friend allows you to talk about different things based on random exciting issues.

Having a girlfriend allows you to comprehend the female mind well. It is implemented in your behaviour too. You become smarter dealing with your mother, sister or girlfriend along with other women.

A girl best friend not only helps to improve dressing sense but also makes a significant difference to your overall personality.

Her little guidance decreases your aggression and increases your politeness. As a result, you start to behave in a more mature way than ever.

Your achievement makes her happy, but she knows to bring you back to the ground if you are too overwhelmed with your performance. She will never allow you to boast over your results. On the contrary, she helps you to remain thankful and humble forever.

Unlike your male friends, she will never troll you on Facebook and throw the dirty pranks all the time. She has more understanding capability, along with affection.

You can call her anytime without any fear and hesitation if you need any motivation. She knows to cheer you up and say the appropriate words to fill up your energy and regain confidence in yourself.

Sometimes she is mature enough to teach you full money management, including how to be good at Savings and how to utilise your earnings best.

Your girl best friend acts as a saviour during your break up time. She helps you to overcome the trauma and comfort your anxious nerves.

She gradually transforms you as a well-groomed and tidy man than ever before. Whenever a lady best friend enters into a man’s life, he indulges in taking care of himself and try to maintain his hygiene like trimming hair or shaving on time.

She is always there for you. Hidden platonic love in between always gives assurance to be content and happy without any expectation. So you still keep on saying to yourself that “my girl best friend is an epitome of loyalty and affection”.


Some usual hazards in the friendship 


Other people will always find it abnormal and strange. They will always try to find a hidden issue underneath your platonic friendship.

Sometimes, your girlfriend will get jealous and suspicious of you.

Your relationship evokes astonishment among the other girls, and your potential girlfriends may think that you are engaged already.

Not only your relatives tend to shame you but also your parents and your teachers, too, behave surprisingly unnatural regarding this matter.

It will help if you remembered that you need not clarify the relationship quotient to anybody. Try to remain calm and quiet if you are comfortable being best friends. Introduce your best friend to your parents to make them free from anxiety and worries.

A person is always in need of a faithful companion who will be his shoulder to cry in the time of weakness, who will support him without judging him, advise him for the best result. So enjoy the experience without thinking of any external influence and keep on saying “my girl best friend is a gift from heaven “.

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