You Too Can Be An Entrepreneur

By Abel Udoekene

It never cease to amaze me when I read stories of how people drop out of school to start a business.
In most cases, these stories seems so magical, the actors will pass through so many trials from sleeping under bridge or garage to eating once in every two days, but one way or the other, the breakthrough comes then boom a billionaire is born.

Because of great start up stories like this, people are in constant search for magical shortcut to achieve success and fulfilment even when success is always starring at their faces.

The magical short cut on how to become a great entrepreneur or a successful business person has been clearly defined in some books by self-made billionaire or motivational series, but the truth is,

if you want to follow what Bill Gates did or Steve Jobs did you may not achieve success, you need to define your own route to success

If you to be a successful entrepreneur take note of the following :

Success Does not have a time clock

There are so many stories associated with the word “later” ‘I will marry later’ ‘I will build house later’ ‘I will buy a car later’and many more. Success as we know is a lifelong process, it is not limited by a biological clock. Thus a 80 years old man can still change his story if he has the passion and desire to do so, while a 10 years old girl has all the opportunities with just a single ideas to change and transform her World.

Don’t drive yourself too hard, enjoy every moment of your life, driving yourself too hard will only wear you off

It’s your idea

When it’s comes to business, it’s ok to listen and involve expert “People who have experience and qualifications than you” but your idea is your business, don’t negotiate it or throw it away because an expert told you it won’t work. Once you know that your idea can provide value and solve a problem then start developing it.

Listen to yourself first, before considering other people’s opinion, your idea is your business

Risk is part of Business

Risk is part of business, you can’t do without it, the moment you give up because of risk, you are not ready to be an entrepreneur, so take risk but learn to minimize risk and maximize return.

Don’t be afraid of taking risk, only be afraid of remaining idle

Always read between the line

Research is very vital when you come up with a business idea, no matter how good the idea is, without proper research and management the success rate may not be as expected.
Once you get an idea, do a market survey, build relationship, create network, study your suppose competitors and most importantly always read between the lines.

An idea with a proper research will sell more than the one without, research is very important

Difficult situation provide strength

It might not be easy from the start, or somewhere in the middle, but those tough time and memories will always help build and position you for greatness.

Don’t give up, if your business proposal is rejected 10 times, only give up if you are not ready to live your dreams

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