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90-Year-Old Virgin Woman Honoured By Her Community in Nigeria

90-yr-old virgin, Miss Agnes Akpan Udofia with some of the children she groomed at the church service.

A 90-year-old woman in Akwa-Ibom State, Agnes Akpan, has revealed that she has  never had sex with any man in her life, not even in the dream world.

The woman reputed to have raised over 50 children at Ikot Udobia community, Etinan Local government area, Akwa Ibom State, was recently honoured by the people for her enviable life and devotion to humanity.

Saint Pius Catholic Church, Ikot Udobia, venue of the thanksgiving service was full to capacity and the town agog, as community members assembled to make merry with the nonagenarian, who lived her life nursing children she did not give birth to.

Sex life: The celebrant told NDV in an interview: “I have never known anything like man in my entire life, not to talk of a husband. I have never been married, no relationship with any man, no boyfriend even when I was young. I have never slept with any man as far as my memory can carry me, not even in my dream state.

“I was born partially blind, no man saw anything good in me, so I grew up without the feeling of a man. When I was much younger, reverend sisters staying at the Convent School at Ikot Udo Ntuen made me to embrace Christianity. Every Sunday, they came to our house to pick me and brought me back in the evening. Those were the kind of friends that I had. No immoral discussion, it was all about Holy Mary and the child of God, Jesus.

Regrets: “No, no regret. In the first place, I do not know what to regret about, my belief is that I was created by God to live and die without a husband, child and anything I can call my own. I see things in and around me as normal. I never hated men neither did the men hate me, but we never met.

“I lived my life the way you see me. No feeling for a man. I do not see it as either normal or abnormal. Maybe I will get better answers from God when I eventually transit to meet my Creator. But I know I was created by God not to get a man in my life in the name of husband or children. I do not know the meaning of men frustration and broken home. I do not have any of painful past.”

Passion for children: On her interest in raising children, she asserted: “I enjoy taking care of little children between the age four to 10 years. Mothers who have children will drop them with me when they are going to farm, market or to fetch water. I will take care of them until they return to take their children. I feed them and keep them happy as long as they stay with me.

Feeding: “I do not have a farm nor do any business, but their parents drop the children with the food that will carry them until they come back from wherever they have gone to. The only things I do apart from taking care of children is cracking palm kneels for my late parents and keeping the compound clean.”

My joy: Happy with the turnout at the event to celebrate her, she said: “Look at the crowd that is here to celebrate me in the church, they are all the children I have touched their lives when they were babies. Some of them are outside the village and could not come for one reason or the other, but they contributed in making my today memorable.

“I really feel fulfilled as I see the children that I took care as big people, some own cars, houses and are doing well in their various engagements. I see all of them as my children. I always feel happy whenever I see children.”

She touched our lives— Udoh

One of the guests, a successful business man, Mr. Fabian Udoh, raised by the nonagenarian, said: “I am here to honour the woman, an exceptional gift to this community. She has touched the lives of over 50 children. I have known her not to have any relationship with any man. If she was raped when she was a teenager, only God knows.

“We are proposing a foundation to immortalize her; we all came home today to celebrate her now that she is alive. It will make no meaning celebrating her after death. She gave most of us life and we must celebrate her while she is alive.” (Vanguard)

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7 Comments on "90-Year-Old Virgin Woman Honoured By Her Community in Nigeria"

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Well, I’m totally speechless, if her claim is true, then life is so strange. At 90years, no sex… Truly unbelievable


It could be true.. She has her own reasons, but it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, this will be a point of campaign for the gay, lesbain and feminist, that they can survive without a man


You are right


I’m happy she didn’t look at what the society would say, but I know what she might have gone through with the news of witchcraft that we here, Every now and then, I believe she might have been addressed as one on many occasions

Tory Eola
Tory Eola

This is strange, no sex at 90. I wonder what was going on in her mind. But it’s commendable.

Helena P
Helena P

As a woman, this is a reminder that we don’t need to depend on Men to survive.. But on a second thought, I love sex, I must confess

Elna Brad

She is worth celebrating.. A lesson for the rest of us

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