A man has been killed by an elephant after his speeding car hit the elephant

A man has been killed by an elephant after his speeding car hit the animal near a national park in Thailand, police said.

When the vehicle struck the elephant’s hind legs, it responded by stomping on the car, destroying the engine and killing the driver, lieutenant colonel Kemchat Paedkaew said.

The accident happened on Wednesday on a small road with signs telling drivers to beware wild animals that sometimes stray from Khao Yai National Park in the northeast of the country.

Mr Paedkaew said the driver was not local and failed to slow down when he encountered the elephant.

“Elephants don’t come out during the day but they start coming out when it gets dark,” he said, adding up to two people are killed by elephants each year in areas surrounding the park.

In 2015, visitors to Khao Yai were warned to be careful after attacks by elephants damaged cars, a shop and a restaurant.

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