An Australian man accidentally become a multi-millionaire overnight


An Australian man became an instant multi-millionaire after accidentally winning a lottery twice, the media reported on Tuesday.

The man who hails from Point Cook in Melbourne’s west, accidentally entered a Tattslotto draw twice on February 4 with the same numbers, Xinhua news agency reported.

When the man’s numbers were drawn he won two division one prizes worth $1 million each.

“At first I thought ‘wow I’ve won ($1 million)’ so at first I was lying in bed shaking,” the man said on Tuesday.

“But then after an hour or so I realised I hadn’t checked the rest of my tickets so I looked at the net one and to my surprise I found that I’d played the same game twice.

“I wasn’t expecting to win once let alone twice.”

The man pocketed just under $2 million tax free from his mistake and plans to buy a home, a Ferrari and take some time off work to travel and see the Seven Wonders of the World.

It is not the first time that a Melbourne resident has accidentally won a lottery twice.

A woman bought two Tattslotto tickets in July 2013, winning two division one prizes.

The woman won a total of $638,000, half of which she put towards paying off her mortgage.

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