Bride Poses in 5 Family Wedding Dresses — One Is Over 100 Years

Colleen Dejno said “yes” to the dress not once but five times. The St. Paul, Minn., bride went back in time from 1910 to 1973 and up to 2017 for her own wedding to honor her family’s traditions, Yahoo Style reports

When the bride-to-be found out her mother had kept her great-grandmother’s wedding dress, she thought it would be special to honor her memory by doing a photo shoot wearing the dress from 1910. She then asked for her mother’s wedding dress, as well as her grandmother’s and mother-in-law’s, so she could be photographed in all of them.

Bride poses in her grandmother’s wedding dress from 1947. (Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography)

Dejno tells Yahoo Style, “I knew I had to do something special with the dresses. It all clicked in my mind when I learned my family had kept my great-grandmother’s wedding dress.”

Great-grandmother’s dress is from 1910. Her grandmother’s from 1947, her mom’s from 1973, and her mother-in-law’s from 1967. She says it was magical that all four of her family’s dresses fit.

For the photo shoot, she contacted Jeannine Marie Photography to take her vision to life.

Bride poses in great-grandmother’s dress from 1910. (Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography)

“We had about four hours to photograph all five dresses, and Colleen was truly natural,” says Jeannine Pohl, owner of Jeannine Marie Photography.

In her free time, Dejno likes to play dress-up and wear costumes for fun. So in addition to honoring her family, this was an opportunity to express her creativity. She also re-created the wedding looks by adding wigs to get a better feel of the decade being represented.

Bride poses in her mom’s wedding dress from 1973. (Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography)

The photo shoot took place three weeks prior Dejno’s actual wedding date. She displayed the photos on her wedding day.

“Doing the wedding pictures before the wedding was an ideal situation because we had time just to focus on getting the photos done,” says Pohl.

Bride poses in her mother-in-law’s wedding dress from 1967. (Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography)

“I was able to enjoy my wedding day and not stress over the pictures because we had already done them,” says Dejno.

On the superstition that the groom isn’t supposed to see the bride’s dress before the wedding, she says, “I’m more of a practical woman than to believe in that.”

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