Bullet stuck inside head of 8-year-old girl and Doctor says it can’t be removed

A young girl, enduring severe pain, has been hospitalized with a stray bullet inside her head but doctors have said the bullet cannot be removed right away, A local newspaper, New Vision reports

Eight-year-old Mariam Namubiru is now under the close watch of her distraught mother Rukia Namutosi at Mulago Hospital in Kampala.

And the inconsolable mother is on the edge of breaking down in tears as she tells of the freak accident.

“On the fateful day, I was having lunch with my four children. Then we heard something like a stone passing through the roof.

“Immediately Namubiru fell down crying, with blood oozing from her head.”

This happened mid-last week at their home in Nsambya West during lunch time.

Pandemonium ensued. A panicked Namutosi yelled for help, attracting the attention of neighbours who immediately rushed to their rescue.

They then took the bleeding girl to a nearby laboratory in Nsambya where it was confirmed that it was a bullet that had hit the little girl.

They were referred to Mulago for specialized care – which they heeded.

Dr. Michael Muhumuza, the head of the Neuro-surgery Ward at Mulago, also confirmed that bullet had gotten stuck inside the girl’s head.

For now, the bullet cannot be removed because a procedure might cause more damage to the brain, he added.

Muhumuza said the girl has since undergone an operation and the wound where the bullet penetrated the head was sealed and she is recovering – though in pain.

It has been a costly week for the struggling family though. Namutosi said that since the freak incident, they have spent as much as sh600,000 on drugs, brain CT-scan and x-rays. The brain scan was done at Nakasero Hospital.

Photo and story credit: New Vison, Uganda

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