Carmar is selling some questionable cut-out jeans for £123

If you’ve ever wanted to pay over £100 for jeans that don’t even cover your bum, Carmar has got your back. The fashion retailer has just started selling Extreme Cut Out Jeans – and ‘extreme’ doesn’t quite do them justice. The cut out jeans basically aren’t even jeans.

They’re threads of denim that you drape around your waist and legs and tell everyone they’re trousers.

We don’t quite understand them. We’re used to cut out jeans. Knees, fine. Thighs, fine. Both? They probably won’t keep you warm, but fine. But these ‘jeans’ don’t cover a thing. They’re basically an oversized denim thong.


And they’re totally impractical, too. They’re no good for cold weather, you’ll get sunburned in the heat and unless you plan on wearing some shorts or leggings underneath them, we can’t imagine many people wanting to wear them out of the house.

And don’t even get us started on the fact they cost $168 (£123). Yes, really.

If they’re your sort of thing, you do you. But spending that amount of money on jeans that don’t even cover your bum cheeks? It’s a no from us.

Source:  Metro UK

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