The Story Of Covfefe : 3 Things You Should Know

By Carrie Dobson

About, midnight yesterday the news broke, and when I starred at my computer screen, it was a mail from a friend in Chicago…
“Carrie, Your Trump has made another blunder”
I was very furious, because I had asked her to stop insulting the integrity of our commander in chief.

But When I open to see the tweet the first thing that happened was a smile, then I wake my hubby and he smiled too, we stood up, tried to argue on the meaning of Covfefe, smile, joke and have a lot of fun.

Here are the 3 important things I’ve learned from the Covfefe story

My husband believes that it was a mistake, that’s he wanted to type coverage instead of “Covfefe”, but it doesn’t really matter what we believe, the truth is “Covfefe” is here to stay.

1. Mistakes sometimes could be a stepping stone.

Sometimes last year, I had a little disagreement with my husband and I had to leave the house to stay with a friend 3 blocks from our house. I was with my friend discussing when “I’m sorry honey, please come back home entered my phone. I was so happy because even when I was with my friend, I could still feel that emptiness, that void, that he alone could fill.. I wanted to send “I feel like kissing you” to him but auto correct change it to “I feel like killing you” I didn’t notice it until he send me 3 long phrases that he was about going to meet with my mother. I had to invent a story, that I was talking of the bedroom stuff to him before he finally believe me.. That’s mistake made our relationship stronger because we were already planning on divorce.

The Covfefe story did some magic things in the neighborhood today and it amazes me. It brought us a subject of argument and concentration, which is the rhythm that keeps life together “Communication”

2. Mistakes could most time be fun

The trending and the newest word “Covfefe” Which will soon become a legend has made millions of people all over the World to smile. I was on Twitter few hours ago reading through the trends, most people actually find it funny.. Even people who generally hate Donald Trump were very happy to smile when they saw the word “covfefe”

3. Mistakes are not just lessons they are building of life

We learn to walk from crawling, holding something, then finally walking. These process has series of lessons that is very important, we fall, we stand up, we never stop trying, we keep learning until we can walk.

Today’s strength is yesterday’s mistakes, nearly all major invention pass through series of mistake before finally becoming an invention..

We have the technology in our hands, we are humans, mistakes is part of our strength in life.
I’m happy for Donald Trump, at least he is still human. No matter what Covfefe means to you, to me, it is a word that makes me smile… If you want me to smile, just say “Covfefe”

Photo Credits: Reverb press

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Written by Carrie Dobson

Most beautiful woman in the world. I write, I sing and I laugh a lot. What is life without laughter?


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Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

This Man is a scam, don’t try to defend him

Mark Radcliffe
Mark Radcliffe

Covfefe = I will stand up…. He knew he will be indicted from the Russian investigation

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