Ex-drummer accused Beyonce of ‘extreme witchcraft’

A judge has denied Beyonce’s ex drummer a restraining order amid a bizarre lawsuit claiming star used extreme witchcraft to her murder cat.

Kimberly Thompson, who claims she worked for the singer for seven years, filed for a civil harassment restraining order against the singer.

She alleged the singer has been using “witchcraft” to tap her phones and control her finances, according to court papers seen by The Blast.

In the odd documents obtained by the website, she also sensationally claims Beyonce has started a campaign of harassment against her, which includes “dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation.

Kimberly also alleges Beyonce murdered her kitten.

There’s zero explanation as to why Kimberly believes Beyonce is allegedly performing witchcraft on her.

The Blast reports a judge denied her request for a restraining order.

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