Indonesia hit by earthquake just 24 hours after tsunami

An earthquake has hit Indonesia’s Tiku less than 24 hours after a tsunami ripped through the country on December 22. The tremor is believed to be 5.0 on the magnitude scale and at a depth of 105.8km, Chinese network CGTN reports. It is not currently known if there have been any injuries or casualties.

Indonesia is located on three tectonic plates, which makes it prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes tsunamis, floods, landslides and volcanic eruptions. A 5.0 magnitude earthquake is considered to be moderate and is most likely to cause slight damage to buildings and other structures.

Today it was confirmed that the country’s death toll had reached 222 after a tsunami hit the coast of southern Sumatra and the western tip of Java on December 22, 21:30 local time. Hundreds of buildings were by destroyed by the wave, which is believed to have been caused by the eruption of volcano Anak Krakatau. Government officials have reported that 843 people have been injured, while 30 have been reported missing.

Images of the aftermath of the tsunami in coastal areas showed a trail of uprooted trees and debris strewn across beaches. Asep Perangkat, who fled Carita beach Saturday night, said he was with his family when the wave surged through the town, carving a path of destruction. ‘Cars were dragged about 10 metres and so were containers,’ he said

‘Buildings on the edge of the beach were destroyed, trees and electric poles fell to the ground. All the residents that are safe ran to the forest.’ Officials say more than 160 people were killed in Pandeglang, a popular tourist district on Java known for its beaches and national park. Frontman of the band Seventeen, Riefian Fajarsyah, said the band’s bass player and road manager had been killed. President Joko Widodo has expressed his sorrow for the victims and urged people to be patient as emergency services continue to operate.

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