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Man beat wife then showed pictures to friends to boast he had her ‘under control’

A husband is facing a 16-year prison sentence after he beat his wife into a coma, filming it so that he could show off to his friend

. Anastasia Oviannikova died six days after the horrific attack at the hands of Maxim Gribanov in Lebedyan, western Russia.

He struck her repeatedly to prove that he had her ‘under control’ when she told him that she wanted to leave him. Pictures from the brutal attack show her on a sofa with bruises across her entire body. When she was taken to hospital, Anastasia, 28, was found to have severe bruising, internal bleeding and several broken bones.

He filmed the attack so that he could boast that he had his wife under control


Anastasia Oviannikova died six days after the horrific attack.


She slipped into a coma and as a result of such horrific injuries she never woke up and died six days later.

A family friend said: ‘She was so full of hope and fun but this man destroyed her life. He should be treated in the same way as he treated her.’

Gribanov kicked and punched her repeatedly over a course of several hours then showed the footage to his friends.

Anastasia’s friends said that she had met someone new and was trying to build up the courage to leave her violent husband, who had forced her to quit her town hall job. However, after suffering years of abuse, bullying and intimidation she was too scared to leave him in fear of what he would do.

He even threatened her brother and father if they reported him or if they tried to stop him from beating Anastasia. Yulia Kuznetzova, a police spokeswoman, said: ‘At first the man was charged with assault which caused severe damages to the woman’s health. ‘But after she died and the charges were changed. The suspect pleaded partially guilty. He said he had his reasons.’

Source: Metro online

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My Name is P
My Name is P

he is a disgrace to humanity, what is our World turning into, kill the idiot

Carrie Dobson

no woman should ever go through this

I am a feminist
I am a feminist

can i have the adress of the man?

Xi Wang

what kind of control?

Elna Brad

if you are a man and you beat a woman to show your superiority then you are not fit to be a man, superiority is a matter of maturity and understanding not beating a woman


Men should style up and stop beating women

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