Man jailed for life after pouring paint down his girlfriend’s throat and burning her alive

By Georgia Diebelius,

A man has been jailed for life after he battered his girlfriend with an iron, poured paint down her throat and burnt her alive.

Anthony Porter, 33, murdered Andraya Lyons, 38, after rowing with her at her work Christmas party.


He followed her home after texting his sister: ‘Some of us are angels, some of us are demons, and tonight the demons won.’

Bristol Crown Court heard that Porter forced his way into her home and hit her over the head with an iron.

He then stamped on her face and poured thick paint down her throat.

Man jailed for life after pouring paint down his girlfriend's throat and burning her alive
Andraya Lyons died after being set alight (Picture: PA)

Porter later placed gas canisters between the thighs of his girlfriend and doused her with white spirit before setting her on fire while she was still alive.

Firefighters were called after neighbours smelled smoke and discovered Andraya’s charred body on the living room floor at around 5.30am on December 10 last year.


They found blood on the iron, porch, kitchen walls, and in the living room, and Porter’s footprint in the grey paint he had poured on his girlfriend.

On Thursday, Porter admitted murdering Andraya, who leaves behind two sons aged five and eight.

He was jailed for life with a minimum of 17 and a half years.

Judge Peter Blair QC told him he would be subject to the sentence ‘for the rest of your life’ for the ‘dreadful’ murder.

He said: ‘She was entitled to feel safe and secure from you in her home but you broke in and you set about attacking her in a vicious way, using an iron and kicking and punching her.

‘The assault started on the porch and went into the living room. It is clear this is a sustained assault. She was screaming for you to get out.

‘It is clear you inflicted suffering on her, both mentally and physically.’

A forensic examination of Andraya’s body later concluded she suffered 45 separate injuries, including bruises and a cut to her cheek, possibly from the paint can lid.

The cause of death was blunt force injury, paint inhalation and smoke inhalation.

After killing Andraya, Porter confessed his crime to family members, telling his sister he ‘lost control and kept hitting her to her death’.

He later visited his mother’s grave before handing himself in to police and claiming in an interview that he murdered his partner in ‘five minutes of madness’.

The court heard statements from Andraya’s family, including her dad Edward Webb, who was looking after her two young sons on the night of her death

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