Man sells all of his belongings and invests in Bitcoin to travel the world

A man is travelling around the world with his girlfriend with a monthly budget of £2,000, after he sold everything he owned to invest in crypto-currency. 24-year-old Jonas Hornehaj has been pictured in a variety of exotic locations, as he documents his amazing lifestyle on social media.

Jonas, from Copenhagon, left Europe with around £1,400 in his bank account, but invested £700 in Bitcoin, which has funded both his and his girlfriend’s, Alicia Cechvalova, 25, travels with a monthly budget of between £1,400 – £2,000 per month.

Now he speculates in the crypto-currency market while touring the world. Jonas said:

‘I sold all belongings I could – couch, bed, cupboards, TV, shoes (I love sneakers), Playstation – anything I could sell online, I did.

‘I wanted to get rid of the thought of that life will be a 9-5 – I knew years ago that that wasn’t the life for me. With that in mind, this seemed like the best possible time for me to set off.

‘I still have student debts, I still have debt in my bank, but I wasn’t concerned about any of that, because I believe in myself. The timing seemed right, my mind was where it needed to be, and things were looking positive.

‘I didn’t have much money saved up at all, however, some of the money that I did save up in summer went into cryptocurrency.


‘Now that is not something I promote as a way of making money simply because it’s so easy to either shoot it down as a Ponzi scheme or as a bubble or a wild gamble, however, with research, I found out a lot about the technology, the crypto space as a whole, and the implications it can have positively on the world.’

He added: ‘I believe in it, very firmly, despite all of the negativity all over the media, despite the massive 65% drops in prices in quarter one of 2018. ‘I have nothing but faith in the space. I do believe that the valuations are currently based on an idea as opposed to real value, and that the market is currently working at figuring out what realistic  valuation levels are.

‘However, I am still a very firm believer of the tech, the space in general, and I am still invested. I started off with a $1,000 investment in July, and when I set off and left Europe, I had my investments, plus around $2,000 in “cash” (in my account).

‘The fact that I was progressively doing my research, studying, learning market behaviour and market psychology, left me in a winning position where the profits actually have funded both me and my girlfriend thus far almost entirely.’ Since investing in Bitcoin, Jonas has been travelling for the last six months, visiting the Philippines and Indonesia twice, as well as Thailand, Bali, Vietnam and more than 40 islands.


Source: Metro UK


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