New Brexit poll shows people back Remain over Leave by 10 points

A new poll has found that support for keeping EU membership is now ten points ahead of support for Brexit.

The BMG poll of 1,400 people for The Independent found that 51% of British people would now stay in the EU, while 41% wanted to go ahead with leaving. It was published on the newspaper’s website on Saturday, showing the biggest lead for ‘remain’ over ‘leave’ in any poll so far since the vote in June 2016.

The result is awkward for the government, given as Britain is moving into a second phase of negotiations on exiting the EU, which will focus on trade. In the referendum last year, 52% of Britons voted to leave the EU and 48% voted to remain.

The head of polling at BMG, quoted in the Independent, said that the reason for the change was a shift in opinion among those who did not vote in last year’s referendum, while around nine in 10 ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ voters were unchanged in their views. People were surveyed from December 5 to 8.

Mike Smithson, an election analyst and former Liberal Democrat politician, said on Twitter it was ‘the biggest lead for Remain since (the EU referendum).’ Prime Minister Theresa May this week secured an agreement with the EU to move Brexit talks on to trade and a transition pact, but some European leaders warned that negotiations, which have been arduous so far, could now become tougher.

Source: Metro Online

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