Professor shames entire class by publishing students’ browsing history

A university professor publicly shamed his students by publishing a complete list of the class’s internet browsing history.

Entitled “Things I Noticed EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232 Students Doing During Class”, the disgruntled academic used a Powerpoint slide to demonstrate that his charges were not paying attention during the Earth 222 lectures.

University of Michigan undergraduate senior Tahany Alsabahi shared an image of the findings on social media.

Her post has been widely shared.

The list exposed common methods of procrastination such as browsing sites like Facebook and Amazon, to more obscure browsing, including “looking at pictures of sliced bread” and “photoshopping President Trump onto muppets”.

Other bizarre items included, “buying $240 worth of turtle necks” and looking up pornography.

Certain items on the list were featured next to an x, with the professor, who has not been identified, explaining: “An (x) means I’ve seen it a lot, as in multiple students everyday.”Popular activities included; surfing Amazon, Reddit, Facebook and Tumblr, writing job applications, reading news sites and general shopping.

Many students saw the funny side but others questioned whether surveying students’ browsing habits was an invasion of privacy.

Ms Alsabahi told university publication Fresh U: “Most people found [the slide] funny, [I’m] sure some people were embarrassed but overall we thought it was hilarious.”

Source : Independent Online

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