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Singapore man shocked after unknowingly sleeping with his biological mother

A 22-year old Singaporean man is receiving counselling after he unknowingly slept with his own mother at a Geylang brothel late last week. According to reports by local media, which was carried by Press Union,  the man was adopted out at birth and had never met his mother in person – until now.

The man told reporters about the painful experience, which occurred at an unnamed brothel in Geylang. The man’s story centered on the fact that he’d been put up for adoption as an infant after his mother gave birth at the age of 18. “Her parents didn’t want her life to be ruined by having a child at such a young age, so they forced her to put me up for adoption,” he explained.

The man never had the opportunity to meet his mother, but she did leave a letter with his foster parents that contained a photo of her, taken shortly before giving birth. “I was given the envelope when I turned 18,” he said. “She explained in a heartfelt letter why she had to put me up for adoption, and she apologised that we would never have a chance to meet in person.”

The man said he spent many hours studying the photo of his biological mother. “It showed a young, carefree woman in the prime of her life,” he said. He showed the photo to reporters, and it depicted his mother on the beach wearing a bikini. On her lower back, a small tattoo of a dragon was visible. It was this tattoo that would later prove crucial in the man identifying his mother.

Several years after he read her letter, the man was visiting a brothel in Geylang when he encountered an older woman. “I’ve always been attracted to mature women,” he admitted. “This woman in particular had something special about her; she almost felt familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on where I’d seen her before.”

The man asked the brothel’s mamasan about the older woman and was told that she was available. The pair retreated to a room and began to have intercourse, which the man described as the best of his life. “We started off in the missionary position, and I was about to come,” he told reporters, “so I said to her, ‘let’s do it from behind,’ and I pulled out just in time.”

As the woman turned around, the man told reporters that he felt his heart stop beating as he saw the familiar tattoo of a dragon on her lower back. “I just froze in shock,” he said. “It was at that moment I realized I’d just been [making love] to my own mother.”

The man broke down in tears and his mother was initially confused, before it also dawned on her that she’d been sleeping with her son. Soon she was also crying, which prompted the concerned brothel manager to burst into the room. “When we told the boss our story, she also started crying,” he said.

Despite the shock of having sex with his biological mother, the man says he does not regret the incident. “All my life I have wanted to meet my real mother, and now I finally have realized my dream,” he told journalists. “Never did I imagine it would happen under these circumstances,” he added.

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