This six-year-old from Russia has been named the most beautiful girl in the world

My parents told me that I have to study hard, finish my school, get a degree, and find a job. That is how life works for everyone. Some never find their profession and get stuck somewhere in the middle, between “get a degree” and “find a job”. However, there are those lucky few who didn’t even have to go to school and they made something from their lives. And, there is this six-year-old that has already started earning some serious cash. Her name is Anastasiya Knyazeva.

This extremely young fashion model is from Russia. She already had several successful campaigns for some famous Russian brands like Chobi Kids. And on the top of all, this kid has 523,000 Instagram followers. Some adore her, while some had to say a thing or two about “child labor” and makeup.

Already 2 years in Modeling Business

This girl is gorgeous! Some even say that she is the most beautiful girl in the world! She gained her popularity on Instagram which is being managed by her mother Anna, who regularly uploads Anastasiya’s photos, and she has been doing that since the July of 2015. This kid was only 4 years old at that time.

Positive Response

Anastasiya’s Instagram followers are fascinated with her photos. One person even wrote that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

The first thing people usually notice is her eyes! One person commented, “What beautiful eyes!”, while the other one wrote, “OMG!!! This is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! Her eyes!

Anastasiya became the face of Little Miss Aoki, in October last year. That is a line of luxury dressmaking fashion house, Mischka Aoki.
This girl is not the only girl from Russia that became famous because of her natural beauty. She will most certainly follow the footsteps of a Russian model Irina Shayk. That girl even became a household name in 2007 when she represented the brand Intimissimi.

Another young Russian model is Kristina Pimenova. She was hailed as the most beautiful girl in the world back in 2014. Now she is 11 and she went from Russia to the United States where she has a contract with LA Models. Anastasiya might be heading that same direction.
So Russia is practically famous for the beauty of her models. However, some people don’t like the integration of kids in that modeling business. They see that as child labor.

Amongst those 500,000 people who are following young Anastasiya on Instagram, there are some who criticized her mother for letting her daughter model. The second issue is makeup.

There are comments like, “I would like to know how much make-up her parents give her before each photo!”, “Why doesn’t she smile? She is a child…”

However, we can’t judge Anastasiya’s mother and we certainly can’t judge Anastasiya. It seems like this little girl is enjoying her photo shoots and as long as she likes it, and she is happy, we are ok with it.

Credit: 24ViralPhotos

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