StumbleUpon has shut down but this is the number one alternative

It is a very sad news for so many folks on the internet as popular content sharing and social platform, StumbleUpon is no longer in operation but there is a very fitting alternative — Trendiee

At its prime StumbleUpon was among the most visited website on the internet. It offered the internet community, opportunity to discover new contents and also share contents they discover with others.

But on June 30th the popular website shut down operations leaving millions of its users stranded on the internet.

But for those looking for alternatives. Trendiee is a very good alternative.

Trendiee is a content sharing platform that offers more than StumbleUpon with a goal of “connecting people with all that is trending.”

Trendiee depends on users to find all that is trending. Users submit news, articles, videos, lists, quiz and images that are trending or should be trending.

What makes trending better is that this submissions are manually reviewed by the team, to ensure there is no spamming and low quality content.

Only high quality content are accepted.

Trendiee is growing big and user base is soaring high.

The interface and navigation is as easy as you will get.

To register all you need is your email and a strong password or you may choose to use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

Sharing items is very easy just go to the submission page and choose what you want to submit.

All post are reviewed by humans to keep Trendiee spam free.

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We are here to keep you updated with all that is trending around and beyond you. We are Trendiee!

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2 years ago

Wow! This is amazing, thank you for bringing Trendiee on board

9 months ago
Reply to  Adekunle

Thanks for the best information platform.

Mary Smith
10 months ago

Thanks for the best information platform.

Flexi Tours
11 months ago

very nice information about alternatives

1 year ago

This is rally awesome and amazing alternative …

Blue Himalaya Tours and Travels
Blue Himalaya Tours and Travels
3 months ago

very nice information

6 months ago

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7 months ago


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11 months ago

Wow! Amazing Post Thanks for sharing the quality information.

The real American
The real American
2 years ago

I stumbled on Trendiee sometimes last year, and I followed up some great writers on the platform like Britney and the rest, hop8ng to create my profile in the next few hours and start sharing

1 month ago

Thanks, very useful post and good information

Shakuntla Tripathi
2 months ago

Very good Information, but mix site is also good for blog reading and sharing.

Gary Bailey
8 months ago

Thank You for this information. I will post stories and pictures and also invite my friends.

8 months ago

Thanks for the best information this platform.

Rob Green
Rob Green
2 years ago

It’s interesting to see that Trendiee will help keep the social content sharing platform alive, how do I get fully involved?

David Grant
David Grant
2 years ago

Thank you for this platform, I am happy to be here and I will invite my friends

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