The Future of the Vietnam Blue Water Navy

The Vietnam Blue Water Navy Initiative

Agent Orange does not discriminate


Beacon Falls, CT 06403

To Ct US Representatives;

Regarding HR299; The Vietnam Blue Water Navy Bill of 2017

Congress is abdicating it’s responsibilities. They are throwing this issue over the fence and we are letting them do that! Those Representatives that have co-signed HR 299 and not lifted a finger to help, must be held accountable. Those Veterans Service Organizations, all supporting HR299, who talk the talk, must be held accountable. The Veterans Administration is looking to Congress for help, there is no help being offered nor discussed.

The impasse on reinstating presumption to exposure of Dioxin laden chemicals is no longer in question. The only place that they cannot agree on is who is going to foot the bill. HR299 and S 422 are being held up because of the Pay-Go rule, which means these bills need an offset. Congress is insisting on this rule be applied. The following bills have been passed without an offset by suspending PayGo. All of these have cost more than H.R. 299, 1.1 Billion over 10 years, and this is by no means an exhaustive list:

· Post 9/11 GI Bill

· The original CHOICE Act

· Subsequent CHOICE Act modifications

· Obamacare repeal

· A bill this week to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board that will cost $17.5 billion

There are 318 cosponsors in the House of Representatives. This is a vast pool of resources, people who know how to get things done in Washington. I’m proud to say the Connecticut delegation all co-sponsored HR299. The question remains, where are the active participants in trying to resolve the fnding? How many of this 318 are actually being proactive? Where is the beef in this hamburger?

Please discuss this with your colleagues, come up with ideas or suggestions to conclude this Bill. Do not close any doors; do not stay inside the box. Perhaps a formal appeal to the President by all cosponsors would work? You are the lifeline of 90,000 souls, don’t disappoint them.

For the Vietnam Blue Water Navy Initiative

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