Trump’s UK visit cost taxpayers £18,000,000 – Obama’s was £1,600,000

Donald Trump’s UK visit cost police nearly £18 million while taxpayers paid £1.6 million for Barack Obama’s trip to Britain. Thousands of officers were deployed to cover the US President’s three-day visit in the largest mobilisation since the 2011 riots.

The high number, revealed by the National Police Chiefs’ Council today, is 11 times more than then-president Obama’s police price tag during his state visit in 2016.

Sara Thornton, who chairs the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said it was a ‘significant operation’ with the president visiting four force areas and protests taking place.

In a blog published on Thursday, she wrote: ‘Nearly every force supported the operation with nearly 10,000 officers deployed from all over the country, performing over 26,000 shifts.

‘The full cost of the operation is still being worked out but an early estimate is nearly £18 million. ‘All forces reported high demand at the time of the visit from the requirements of the operation as well increased demand and calls from the public linked to the World Cup and hot weather as well as numerous events and festivals.

‘These demands affected local policing to differing degrees across the country with the host forces most impacted. ‘The majority of forces had to cancel officers’ rest days and extend the length of their shifts. Despite the challenges, the hard work of officers and staff made sure that the public were kept safe throughout.’

‘Despite the challenges, the hard work of officers and staff made sure that the public were kept safe throughout.’ According to the Metropolitan Police the ‘total estimated cost of policing the State Visit of president Obama was £1,668,650.’

‘£1,194,541 of the estimated cost is an opportunity cost. This cost cannot be regarded as an additional cost to the MPS, is is the cost of the officers and staff assigned to the event rather than other duties.’ The Information Rights Unit said ‘4,268 officers were involved in policing the event.

Trump marked his first visit to the UK as a president from 12 July. He held talks with Theresa May at the prime ministers country house and met the Queen at Windsor Castle, before travelling to Scotland where he played golf at his family’s Turnberry resort. Obama had lunch with the Queen before he met former prime minister David Cameron at Downing Street, followed by dinner at Kensington Palace during his three-day visit from 21 to 24 April 2016.

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