This Unbelievable Invention Could Completely Eliminate Plastic Water Bottles For Good

Imagine being out for a quick weekend running event with some friends, and you run past the water station. Instead of plastic or paper cups filled with water, there are now small, drinkable water “bubbles” that can be consumed entirely and have no resulting waste that you would have to throw away. The need for plastic bottles could potentially be completely eliminated with an invention like that!

Well, it’s already been invented by London-based creators at Skipping Rocks Labs, and it’s called “Ooho!”

Currently the product has been surging around the UK crowdfunding scene and raised £605k in only two days of being available to support on Crowdcube. Half of the funding that is obtained will be used to pay and build machinery for Skipping Rocks Labs, who are creating the product, and the other half will go towards developing the material needed for the “Ooho” bubbles.

The actual membrane that holds all of the water is made with a seaweed extract that is completely biodegradable, natural, and edible. People can either tear a small hole in the packet to pour into their mouths, or the entire thing can simply be eaten whole.

The material that Skipping Rocks Labs has developed is cheaper than plastic and can contain any kind of beverage. This could change the world in an amazing way!

Check out the video below to learn more.

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Written by Marty Simms

Dad to my son w autism.
I o-pun up to a fun rhyme time given room or rumor
Positively reinforcing a clean sense of humor.
That true ear ring is my everything.


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this is a great invention

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