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Wife sue husband for emotional distress demands $42,000 in damages

The couple Kirsten Larson and Wesley Smith were married in  2006. According to Larson “after eight years of happy marriage, the relationship crumbled when Smith landed a new job”

Larson is suing his devoted husband for $42,000 in damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, counselling and costs of moving out their Manhattan home, Daily Mail reports.

Her lawsuit alleges that Smith ‘made life in the home a cold, unfriendly and unhealthy a place as possible’

She claims that a Manhattan lifestyle corrupted her doting computer programmer husband, the New York post reports

Her husband was loving and caring but she says that everything changed after he landed a job at internet startup Button in Manhattan, in 2014, she claimed in a Staten Island Supreme Court lawsuit filed against Smith

Larson says that as her husband’s career took off, their marriage crumbled.
Her lawsuit alleges that Smith was lured by the ‘Manhattan lifestyle’ of his single colleagues. But for that, he had to get rid of his wife.
The lawsuit alleged that Smith launched a ‘most dastardly, improper and dishonorable’ effort to get Larson to leave him.

According to Larson, Smith  forced her to move to Manhattan, where she said she was separated from her friends and family in Long Island, and Smith spent all his time with his new friends from his tech firm Button.

She says that he also started a campaign of of mental abuse to wear her down, calling her a ‘failure’, telling her she’d never progressed in life, ‘in his effort to get Kirsten to leave the relationship, defendant made life in the home a cold, unfriendly and unhealthy a place as possible.’

The family are no strangers to lawsuits.
Last year, Larson’s father sued Smith for more than $100,000 on claims that he paid for the couple’s mortgage payments, car and home improvements, while Smith then filed his own $6 million countersuit  arguing he’d never asked for help and Mr Larson was simply bitter about how he treated his daughter.

Smith did not respond to reporters’ request for comments.

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Tory Eola
Tory Eola

Emotional distress, Good one


wow… what a tragedy. this man worked his ass off to get into a great position to be retard with his wive in a decade i bet and she couldnt wait. she rather run off with his hard earn cash. what a fuck up family that women has. I wonder if there was any children involved. if not i bet that led to her unhappiness. women looks like shes more depress then Gollum… from the picture.

Greene Davies
Greene Davies

Why not push up for something better.. The money is too small for emotional distress

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

The amount of too small

Tony Is Dumb
Tony Is Dumb

Try again in English.

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