Will the Corona Virus End or We will have to live with it?

We know that recuperating plasma is an exploratory strategy for patients of Coronavirus/Covid-19. The plasma advancement strategy involves taking blood plasma from an individual who has recuperated from the ailment as it contains antibodies that can support resistance and help in recuperation.


COVID-19 and Astrology

There is a prophetic connection between blood plasma treatment and Mars. In Astrology, Planet Mars speaks to blood and platelets, rectum, and red bone marrow. It speaks to solid tissues and colon.

Likewise, Mars is the planet that implies our invulnerability and endurance to battle illnesses. It likewise speaks to the shading red that represents warming, invigorating, growing, and goes about as a tonic. The planet animates the sensory system and directs the flow of blood.

It has an especially significant job in animating the lymphatic sensory system additionally and assists with defeating the chilly sensation in the body notwithstanding issues of interminable cold and anxiety.

As Mars is traveling on May 4 at 9.39 am to Aquarius, which is an air sign, coming out from Capricorn where it was making Vish (poison) yoga with Saturn, as Saturn speaks to the western piece of the world. Accordingly, the pandemic was wild in those nations. For example, nations, for example, the USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, and Japan are yet under an extraordinary danger.

It has caused decimation on a physical, mental, and money related level. Mars is benevolent with Moon and Jupiter. Where Moon administers our lungs, throat, thymus organ, and water, while Jupiter oversees the liver, kidney, and blood in veins. While it very well may be seen that this infection is affecting the liver, kidney, and upsetting the bloodstream to the supply routes, prompting cardiovascular breakdowns, it’s fundamental we follow an eating regimen rich with nourishments that line up with these planets.


Coronavirus Pandemic-Role of Colors to Beat COVID-19

There are three essential hues: Red, yellow, and blue. In the event that we combine red and yellow nourishment, it turns orange. This invigorates the sensory system, expands platelets in the body, and betters blood dissemination. Alongside red and yellow, fuse white nourishment alternatives as well. The shading is representative of the Moon and will help in reinforcing the lungs. The Moon in the last quarter of the new moon debilitates insusceptibility. Subsequently, the Moon diet alongside red and yellow eating regimens are imperative to battle coronavirus.


Coronavirus Pandemic in India-When will it end?

From January 17-24, from February 15-23, from March 16-24, and from April 14-23, the Moon rose above into its last quarter as the new moon. From May 14-22, the change may lead India into the third period of the pandemic. The principal quarter of the moon looks unsafe from April 30-May 7. A blend of red, yellow, and white nourishments may help.

Muladhara Chakra’s significance root chakra is red in shading which speaks to Mars. This chakra is adjusted to planet Earth and its positive energies help fabricate wellbeing, home, and profession. Consequently, it’s basic to expand the vitality of Mars to battle the infection.

Besides, Coronavirus will start to decrease in India on 21st May 2020. While around 21st June, when the Sun arrives at Northern Hemisphere, COVID-19 will start to evaporate from India totally. In any case, the year 2020 is the time of cataclysms. After sixteenth November to eighteenth February, worldwide circumstances may take a more awful turn. To the extent Astrology proposes, a pandemic like more noteworthy than Coronavirus may hit earth in a similar time length.

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