Only 1 in 10 People Can See Something Hidden in These Pictures

Our mind plays tricks with us and makes us see what we want to see and sometimes what we do not want to see. If you want to test you brain and how it sees things, trying looking at these optical illusions.

The underlying reality to optical illusions is that it tests our brain and bring forth the astonishing features our brain has. What our eyes see and what our brain perceived and vice versa.

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The Ludimar Hermann grid

It was named after Ludimar Hermann, the man who discovered it in the year 1870. Essentially where ever you see the white lines intersecting your eyes will see a shadow like blob even though it is not there. But if you look at it again except with a direct gaze, that shadowy blob will disappear.

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Can you unravel the secret within this image?
The trick is to calm yourself down and with rested eyes stare into the middle.

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Try staring at the dot in the center of the image

Once you do that try moving your head off the screen, this way you will see the rings start to rotate. Now bring yourself back to it again, this way they will start to change direction.

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The Kanizsa triangle

This was named after a psychologist who basically described what effect it has on humans. If you keep looking at the optical illusion you will see its outlines although they in reality do not exist. It is essentially an illusion created by the other angles.

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As you can see, there are two prongs which are rectangular in shape being morphed into three prongs which are cylindrical at the same time.

Even the most normal of the things out there are not what they seem. Our mind plays tricks with us and perception is beauty. And beauty and perception both are different for every new pair of eyes. Our mind is running and running all the time to make sense of the things around us and there are times when it slips and shows us what we want to see and sometimes in the most scary ways what we do not want to see.

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By looking at these optical illusions you will realize how this is actually true and we may see two different things at the same time. It is the same reason why the whole world was fighting about a stupid dress asking whether it is white or blue. So go ahead and look at these optical illusions and test your limits to the extent that you can.

Another version of the same Hermann grid

This is another variation of the same Hermann Grid. In this the black colored dots appear and disappear where the gray lines come to cross. If you tilt your head slightly this affect lessens but yet does not completely end.

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The parallel diagonal lines

These lines might seem parallel to you but they at the same time also look diagonal. Creepy isn’t it? This particular illusion was named after Johann Zollner and sometimes you might just need a scale for this one.

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The Ewald Hering illusion

There are places where the lines here seem to be bowed outwards, but in reality they are as straight as it gets. This a particular illusion is named after a physiologist from Germany named Ewald Hering. Who concluded that the brain perceives the distortion at the point where the lines intersect with each other, as the mind overestimates the angles right where they are intersecting.

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Our mind is running and running all the time to make sense of the things around us and there are times when it slips and shows us what we want to see and sometimes in the most scary ways what we do not want to see.

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